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Q: How much life insurance do I need?
A: While that depends on your particular family situation or lifestyle, the American Council of Life Insurance recommends you have insurance protection equal to five times your annual income.

Q: Who needs Starmount Life Insurance?
A: If you are like most persons, you have life insurance, either through a group plan provided by your employer or an individual policy you purchased yourself. However, chances are that inflation has eroded the dollar value of your current coverage or the amount may not be enough to provide your family with the financial security it needs. Your employer insurance could end when you least expect it. You can use our low-cost term life insurance to close the gap between the amount of insurance you have ... and what your family needs.

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Q: Can I have more than $75,000 of StarLife Gold protection?
A: Yes. Please contact Starmount Life directly for a customized quote for up to $10,000,000.00 in protection.

Q: How long does it take before my policy is active?
A: StarLife Gold policies are in full force the day you receive the approved policy from us  (See application for state specifics.), assuming we received your 1st payment and we have received your signed, Starmount-produced application. It covers both sickness and covered accidents. The exceptions are for suicide while sane or insane (while sane in Texas or Missouri), or material misrepresentation during the first two years.

Q: Is a medical exam required?
A: An exam will never be required for our Accidental Death plan. An exam normally is not required for StarLife Gold, it depends on the circumstances. If an exam is required, it will be absolutely free to you. The exam company will come to your home or work, or you may prefer to go to its office.

Q: What are the qualifications of your medical personnel?
A: Any medical service we use employs registered nurses, LPN's, EMT's, phlebotomists, paramedics, or retired doctors, as personnel. They are all state certified.

Q: I have some health problems. Should I send my application anyway?
A: Absolutely! Some health problems may result in a higher cost, but we work to issue Life Insurance to everyone who applies.

Q: What happens after age 75?
A: Your protection continues (until age 95), assuming premiums are paid. We, however, only accept new applications through age 75 for StarLife Gold. Once enrolled, however, as long as premiums are paid, protection lasts until you are age 95. We offer a whole life product that is issued through age 85. Please call us if that is of interest.

Q: What do you mean that the more insurance I buy, the lower the cost?
A: Your cost per thousand dollars of life insurance can be drastically reduced as the amount of coverage increases. For example: a 43-year-old woman pays $13.00 a month for $10,000.00 of protection. That's $1.30 for each $1,000.00. For $20,000.00 she pays $20 ($1 per $1,000.00 a month). Savings are available at all ages for men and women ... smokers and non-smokers.

Q: What is the purpose of the Double and Triple Benefit Accidental Death Rider Options?
A:This is a low-cost way of getting valuable accidental death insurance. For a small monthly charge, your beneficiary receives twice or three times the amount of your life insurance protection, if death is the result of a covered accident. After age 74, the life insurance benefit continues in its full amount; Accidental Death benefits continue at half.

Q: Are there any limitations on coverage?
A: During the first two years, death resulting from suicide while sane or insane (while sane in Texas or Missouri), or material misrepresentation is not covered. Those are the only life insurance exclusions. For separately purchased accident insurance, please see the exclusions listed with that rider's description.

*Only if everyone in your classification has an increase will your cost ever increase. You cannot be singled out. Details may vary by state. Complete information will be provided with your policy.

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Q: Are rate quotes from the final cost that I will pay?
A: The policy quote (whether monthly, quarterly, or annual) you receive from our web site is probably the only cost you will pay for your insurance. However, more information is required to ensure the accuracy of that quote. This is called "underwriting."

Q: What is underwriting?
A: Underwriting is the process insurance companies use to decide your level of risk and verify the cost of your insurance. Part of underwriting involves grouping people together by similar risk traits -- such as age, build, health history and occupation. By determining your risk category, your insurance company permits your premium to reflect your share of lifetime risk.

Q: How long does the rate from my rate quote last?
A: After the first month for StarLife Gold, your approved cost never changes, unless you change your insurance amount or the cost for your entire class changes. It will not change because of your age or health. You cannot be singled out. Your protection and cost can continue unchanged until you are 95.

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Q: What kind of company are you?
A: For 28 years, Starmount Life has been a traditional, family-run business, owned and operated by the Sternberg family. For over 250 years, in retailing (at one time employing over 8,000) and now in insurance, the Sternbergs have been in the business of customer satisfaction.

With our reputation for reliable, personal and efficient service, in 2008, Starmount was awarded a Torch Award by the Better Business Bureau of South Central LA for Ethics in Business, 2008. Recognized as one of America's fastest growing businesses by Inc. magazine 2007, 2009, 2010.

We at Starmount take very seriously our role of helping to safeguard the future of families like yours with affordable, quality insurance protection. That's why we promptly and efficiently pay millions of dollars in life, vision, and dental claims every year-to keep American families financially secure, no matter what life holds.

Call us toll-free 855-235-5999, 7:30 am to 7:00 pm Central Time weekdays,
-or email

Trained professionals sensitive to your needs and able to make on-the-spot decisions for your benefit will be glad to help you.

Q: In which states do you sell your products?
A: At this time we market in every state except New York.

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Q: Do you insure people who have diabetes?
A: Yes, if the condition is under control.

Q: Do you insure people who have hypertension?
A: Yes, if the condition is under control.

Q: Can I substitute my doctor's records for an exam?
A: Usually, for any amount below $100,000, as long as the information is from the last 2 months. However, an exam may still be required.

Q: What do you test for when a blood test is conducted?
A: Glucose (sugar), liver enzymes, cholesterol, HIV.

Q: My husband had a hip or knee replacement. Can he qualify?
A: Yes. Having hip or knee replacement surgery does not affect mortality.

Q: I was rated because of my cholesterol. If my doctor has current blood work and my cholesterol reading has improved, can I get a standard rating?
A: If you qualify, certainly. We will need to get a copy of the current blood work from your doctor.

Q: Currently, I pay smoker rates. What happens if I stop smoking?
A: After 2 years as a non-smoker, call us and we will give you the non-smoker rates.

Q: I am paying a higher premium because of my weight. What happens if my weight drops?
A: When your weight drops to a standard level, call us and we will review your options for receiving standard rates.

Q: I'm pregnant. Can I take the exam and have the policy issued?
A: Yes! If there are no complications or history of Caesarian sections (C-sections), you can be issued standard. Otherwise, we can wait until your six-week postpartum exam has been completed.

Q: I had a skin cancer removed. Will I be accepted?
A: Yes, if it was a surface lesion. However, a melanoma requires a 3-year waiting period.

Q: What is the usual waiting period after cancer surgery?
A: In most cases (other than skin cancer), there is a minimum of 4 years. A pathology report will be required.

Q: I had a mastectomy 4 years ago. Can I be considered for your insurance?
A: Yes! If the surgery was 4 years ago.

Q: I've had bypass (or angioplasty) surgery. Do I qualify to apply for your insurance?
A: You are eligible 1 year after the date of surgery.

Q: I am afraid of needles. What do I do?
A: Exams are not always required. Even when they are, sometimes we can do just a "finger prick," or, if your doctor's blood work is less than 2 months old, we may be able to use that.

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